Fethiye is a pretty town at the hillsides of the Tourus Mountain chains, and surrounds the bay that it has given its name to. The high mountain range formed by rises and falls of the crust during the Tertiary Geological Period, and hundreds of bays lying at the mountainside seem to embrace each other along the Fethiye shore line.

The nearest center for air travel is the Dalaman Airport 31 miles (50 kms.) to Fethiye. The naturally protected harbour is a drop-by place for all yacht crews.



if you feel like adventurous, you can go to Ölüdeniz and go for a Paragliding! Climbing to the Mount Babadag (1400 - 1700m.) with the jeeps, you'll prepare for the flight which will take about 30-45 minutes. The qualified staff and the pilots will take the care of you and you'll be flying with a pilot tied with you to the parachute. You don't have to be experienced and although you didn't do this kind of thing before, the only thing you will do during the flight is, just to enjoy the scenery and take photos of the unbelievable beauty and charm of world famous Ölüdeniz Beach and Lagoon. Then you will land on the white sand of Ölüdeniz Beach. You'll probably live your live's most unforgetable experience. Ölüdeniz will charm you with this magic too (if you are lucky, you'll be here during the international sky contests!)

Jeep Safari

Approximately 20 jeeps will be in your convoy, and the speed limit is 70 km/h. To make you feel in safe, there are driver-guides and first aid staffs in the convoy. One leading the tour, second at the end, and rest of them will be in the convoy, seperate places. I don't want to tell you the route, since it will be just a surprise for you as it is an adventure tour.

Scuba Diving

If you can swim and want to discover the depths of the cleanest part of the, mediterranean, you can join the scuba diving tours in Fethiye, which will take you to the magic of the depths with the staff all licenced and experienced . During this tour, -if you are lucky- you have the chance to see the dolphins and even the sea turtles passing by. But the common thing is to hand-feed the fish! A great feeling to see the mediterranean also under the sea. And another important thing is, to see the historical wealth of Fethiye Gulf also under the sea!

White Water Rafting

If you can swim, and if your heart is strong enough, if you are not pregnant, and if you don't have asthma, we can suggest you a White Water Rafting tour on Dalaman River which is 90 minutes to Fethiye. Don't miss this tour, if you want to fight with the strong bubbles, paddling down the river (sometimes falling and capsizing), and if you don't mind getting wet. The distance is 12 km. and the lunch is given on the shore, nearly midway. If you are brave enough, you must choose the inflatable kayaks for two, and if you are not, you'll travel on a big raft with a guide.


The ancient name of Fethiye, which was a coastal city at the borders of Lycia-Caria, is Telmessos. There is not definite information about the foundation of this Ancient city. According to the first written records, it has come into existence in the 5th century B.C. Telmessos, separate from Lycia, survived as an independent city for a long time.

Fethiye Museum

The Museum has two exhibition halls namely, Archaeology Hall and Ethnography Hall. In the Archaeology Hall, there are ceramic works and statues. Among these, there is a Young Girl's Statue with a Dove and a trilingual stele, which has played an important role to analyse the Lycian language. Hand woven works special to the region, silver jewellery and dastar (head scarf) loom are exhibited in the Ethnography Hall. In the open exhibition, big stone works of art, tombs and Izraza Monument can be seen. The Museum is open everyday except Monday from 09.00 to 18.00.

Lycia Rock Tombs:

Fethiye with its 4th century works of art remaining from Lycia period attracts attention. These are the tombs, carved out on natural rocks, which became the symbol of the district. Amintas which is the most elaborate of these tombs can be reached via many regular stairs. It can also be seen easily from the plain below and the admiration for its greatness increases when approached. At the centre of the left-side column, ' Herpamias' son Amintas ' was written in the alphabet of 4th century B.C. The identity of this man is not known exactly. There are many tombs worth to see in the district. The most important one of these is the tomb which belongs to the Lycian Period. The tomb, ascending from the sea, has an interesting appearance. On the front side of two storeyed tomb there are quadrangle carvings resembling wooden beams and a gothic style arched cover. Both sides of the cover were ornamented with frescoes depicting wars, and it is thought that these are related to the life of Amintas.

Fethiye Castle

It is supposed that the castle, ascending in the south of the district, belongs to the Knights of St. John. There are two small and simple rock tombs on the east side of the hill excluding a few writings carved out on the walls and a cistern of which date is indefinite.

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